Concrete Expert Reveals How To Flawless Stain Your Concrete Easily On Your First Try!
"I Guarantee You'll Succeed... Or Your Money Back!"
"I'm going to help you flawlessly stain your concrete... guaranteed!"

Hey fearless DIYer,

You've just found the only concrete staining kit that's specifically made for you, the Do-It-Yourselfer.

You'll see, there's NO other offer like this on the market so act fast and secure your own DIY Stain Kit, so you can stop being judged for your ugly concrete!

Nick Olen
Boise, Idaho

With 15 years in the resurfacing industry and hundreds of jobs under my belt, the biggest problems I've had were from faulty or hard to use products, with a steep learning curve. Let me show you how I've eliminated this problem for you... so you'll succeed your first time GUARANTEED!
I've created a Concrete Staining System for you to use!
...and this comes FREE with our Stain Kit!
This system includes Full Video Tutorials teaching you all of the ins and outs of concrete staining... from the beginning of the project all the way to the end.

These are in depth tutorials that I'm exclusively sharing with YOU... and NOT with my million plus viewers on YouTube.

This system is also written out in PDF form and can be printed out and kept on the job site.

A list of essential tools and supplies is included as well... it couldn't be easier!
Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want Amazing Stained Concrete...
even if you believe it's "too hard to accomplish"
Yes... when you purchase our DIY Stain Kit you get access to my exclusive training system that took me over a year to create...  first you'll...

  • Set up your account and watch the videos that describe your project.
  • Print out the Concrete Staining System PDFs so you can have them on site.
  • ​Grab the supplies on the essentials list if you don't already have them at your house.
  • ​Open up your new stain kit and you're ready to Rock and Roll!
And You Get All Of This For...
Here's what you get in this amazing stain kit... all the products are easy to apply, water based, low odor, and ready to use!
Each kit covers approx. 350 sq. ft. and includes...
- 1 qt. Terra Etch acid replacement cleaner
- 1 qt. Power Klenz degreaser
1 gal. Color Mist concrete stain
2 gal. Barrier interior / exterior urethane surface sealer
Save yourself the gray hairs and learn from my decade of trial and error!
   Like the time I mixed a three part sealer together and the hardener sunk to the bottom of the sprayer,
and I sprayed it unknowingly...
leaving a huge greasy dark stain on the stamped concrete pool deck stairs going up to the spa!!!
That one was not easy to fix.
   Or how about the time I applied a stain across the floor of an entire two bedroom home, and after...
it didn't look like it was stained at all... curious, I called the rep and he said "the stain colors will pop after you seal it".
So I applied the first coat of sealer and...
it looked like raw concrete, without and colored stain at all... Ouch!
And that one was even harder to completely redo!
Now look at the awesome jobs I'm flawlessly knocking out with our DIY stain kit!
Here's what other people are saying about our DIY Stain Kits

Crystal M. as posted on Google Reviews

I'm in the process of opening a salon and wanted to do something funky with the cement basement floor. I had no idea what I needed to do but Nick was more than happy to talk me through the process. After following the directions and putting my own little spin on it I now have a gorgeous faux granite sparkly floor that I just can't get enough of!
When you get your Do-It-Yourself Stain Kit...
You'll get all of these bonuses for FREE!
Bonus #1 - Professional Video Training
Exclusive Concrete Staining Training For Members Only!
Total Value: $1,997
In depth tutorials that you won't find on YouTube.
These are literally what I train any employees with, so you know they're thorough.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your DIY Stain Kit Today! 
Bonus #2 - Flawless Concrete Staining System PDFs
Stain your concrete with confidence!
Total Value: $297
These are the same concepts that the tutorials go over in written form. They can be printed out and used as instructions on the job site.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your DIY Stain Kit Today! 
Bonus #3 - FREE Shipping
Yep... Free Shipping Too!
Total Value: $50 - $80 Per Kit
With gas prices through the roof this is a great bonus.
Get FREE  Shipping When You Order Your DIY Stain Kit Today! 
Bonus #4 - My Personal Cell Phone Number
Give Me A Shout... I Got You!
Total Value: $97
You get unlimited text and emails with ME, Nick Olen. I'll answer any questions you might have directly, Monday through Friday. This is NOT our business line... this is my personal cell number where you can directly text me with your questions!
Get This For FREE When You Order Your DIY Stain Kit Today! 
You must be thinking "So what's the catch?"
There Is NO CATCH!
I want you to succeed, your first try, when you stain your concrete. I've made this system as easy to use as possible... and truthfully, I want to over deliver!

I thought about what would have made me more successful in my professional journey, took those ideas, and put them together in this offer.

It's exactly what a novice would need to succeed!
You Must Act Quickly!
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER at this price.
Raw materials keep going up in price and the manufacturer has informed me that there will be price increases soon.

In addition, shipping costs keep rising so FREE shipping is not going to last long!

Here Is My "Risk Free" One Year Guarantee
Every other company offers a "product guarantee" that only covers product defects... but guess what happens if their product fails, which has happened to me many many times??

They always say "you applied it wrong" and you never get your money back.

My guarantee is that you'll prep and apply this system flawlessly your first time... or your money back!

If the stain peels up or doesn't stick for some reason, if the sealer clouds or chips up within the first year, just send me a couple pictures of what happened and I'll either send you the products it takes to fix it, or refund you your money... guaranteed!

YES, Give Me This Whole Offer For Just The Price Of The DIY Stain Kit !

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Order My DIY Concrete Staining Kit.
  Access To My Professional Video Training Course  (Value $1,997)
  Flawless Concrete Staining System PDFs  (Value $297)
  FREE Shipping (Value $50 - $80 Per Kit)
  My Personal Cell Phone Number And Email (Value $97)
  One Year Money Back Guarantee (Value... Priceless!)
Total Value: $2,471
Today For You... Just The Price Of The Stain Kit!
Just imagine kicking your feet up and enjoying the company of your friends and family on your newly stained concrete. Now realize that can become a reality today!

Thanks again,
Nick Olen
P.S. ~ Your concrete will thank you!
This Is How Amazing Your Concrete Can Look!
Check out what some of the stain colors look like on real life projects.
Tap to enlarge.

YES Nick! Give Me Your DIY Stain Kit RIGHT NOW!
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • Access To My Professional Video Training Course (Value $1,997)
  • Flawless Concrete Staining Framework PDF (Value $297)
  • FREE Shipping (Value $50 - $80 per kit)
  • ​My Personal Cell Phone Number And Email (Value $97)
  • One Year Money Back Guarantee (Value... Priceless!)
Total Value: $2,471
You Get All Of This For FREE
With Our Stain Kit Priced At $297

Pick What Color Stain Kit You Would Like Below.
Each kit treats approximately 350 square feet of concrete.

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Exclusive Sale - Balance Cleaner for $49.97: This cleaner is awesome! Balance pH neutral cleaner is the best cleaner for sealed concrete. It contains no harsh chemicals, is a mild degreaser, and will leave your surface streak free. Most other hard surface cleaners will leave a residue on the sealed concrete which dulls out the sheen. Not Balance! This concentrated sealer cleans sealed concrete or other hard surfaces like natural stone, tile, and grout. One gallon will last you for years to come!

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